A very cold weekend saw 6 travellers join 5 boats from the Welton fleet for this two day regatta.
All 5 races enjoyed (?) pretty stiff breezes with good dollops of rain and sleet thrown in.
Just when we thought Spring was here!!


Martyn Lewis Jack Lewis DWSC 1
Richard Brameld Todd Brameld Beaver 2
Wayne Atheaton Mark Atheaton L&LSC 3
Dave Butler Andy Yates Welton 4
David Reed Jean Reed Girton 5
Martin Bathe Mavis Bathe Delph 6
Jon Willars Rachel Willars Welton 7
Brian Henline Micheal Henline Welton 8
Gillian Gibbon Kenneth Gibbon Thornton Steward 9
Mike Burton Joe Burton Welton 10
Angela Featherstone Paul Featherstone Welton 11

Miracle Open 14/15 April Results