The open meeting at Welton on 6th and 7th April saw ten boats in all, with six home and four visiting boats.

Racing on Saturday began with a cold light breeze force 1-2. Neal Gibson and Geoff Phillips (Redoubt S.C.) got off to a good start and held the lead throughout the first race to finish first, closely followed by Jon and Philip Aldhouse (Beaver S.C.)

The second race of the day saw Jon and Phillip take first place with Neal and Geoff coming second. Welton S.C. took third and fourth places in both races Stan Lubner and Brian Henline finishing third and Jon Willars and Rachel Day finishing fourth.

Sunday saw extremely light winds. The morning race was abandoned and racing finally took place at one o’clock when a slight sea breeze began to ripple the water. Dave Smith and Leanne Therkelson (Welton S.C.) made a good start and led to the first mark then Dave Butler and Ross Fleming (Welton S.C.) took the lead and held it for the rest of the race, finishing in first position. The wind dropped off making it almost impossible to fill a spinnaker; however the majority of boats managed to complete the course. Dave Smith and Leanne Therkelson finished second and Richard and Hannah Wharram third (Welton S.C.)

Unfortunately any further racing was impossible as the wind again dropped.

Results were therefore decided on three races, no discards.

The overall winners were Jon and Philip Aldhouse, second place went to Neal Gibson and Geoff Phillips and third place to Stan Lubner and Brian Henline.

Jon Aldhous Philip Aldhouse Beaver 1
Neal Gibson Geoff Phillips Redoubt 2
Stan Lubner Brian Henline Welton 3
David Smith Lianne Therkelson Welton 4
Jon Willars Rachel Day Welton 5
Richard Wharram Hannah Wharram Welton 6
David Butler Ross Fleming Welton 7
Richard Brameld Todd Brameld Beaver 8
Gillian Gibson Kenneth Gibson Thornton Steward 9
Mike Burton Angela Featherstone Welton 10
Miracles at Welton