Jon Willars with Max Wharram as crew sailed to victory at the Miracle Association North East Championship meeting over the weekend of 26/27 July.
Eight local boats were joined by ten visitors for the two day meeting which was blessed with wall-to-wall sunshine. The wind was somewhat disappointing on the Saturday but it more than made up for that on the Sunday.
Richard Wharram with his daughter Hannah were also in the prizes in fifth place with a further 4 Welton boats in the first ten.

Full report and results will be on the Miracle Ass. website but the overall places are below;

Jon Willars Welton 1
Wayne Atherton Delph 2
John Aldhous Beaver 3
Neal Gibson Redoubt 4
Richard Wharram Welton 5
Richard Brameld Welton 6
David Smith Welton 7
David Butler Welton 8
Simon Reddicliffe Delph 9
Stan Lubner Welton 10
Brian Worrall Welton 11
Margaret Mettam Rotherham 12
Dave Reed Girton 13
Ken Gibson Thornton Steward 14
Simon Fay Tynemouth 15
Angela Featherstone Welton 16
Martin Bathe Delph 17
Ian Kelly S.H.S.C. 18



WeltonBoat takes Miracle Open Honours